The following pictures are for you to see what FIXTURES I have for sale.

You can see how the product is displayed on them

I also have  100,000 comics for sale too.

Most of the moderns and back issues inventory has been computerized. I have all the graphic novels listed on my website, they are inventoried also.

I have all the action figures  and statues inventoried and listed too.

I only have a portion of the comics listed, and the only ones that are not inventoried, is a 5000 book collection from the late 70's early 80's I haven't gotten to yet.

There are NO High value or major keys in this collection, but that's not to say it's all crap.

The photos at the end are of the warehouse, 170 long boxes, 180 short boxes, 21 trade paperbacks, 10 magazine boxes and 54 boxes of toys.

The last 2 of the shelving in my basement where I have all of the variants and most of the more valuable books are stored.

I took the pictures when I was installing them, there are over 150 short boxes and about 30 long boxes with some Magazine boxes with games and CCG's

I also have thousands of MTG cards, all indexed.

I will also sell the Web Site and instruct you on how I use it in conjunction with Fixed store locations, google and Ebay.

I am looking to sell it all in one fell swoop, but will piece it out also.

I have already sold some of the fixtures and will update as more sells.

Contact me with questions



The glass display cases are no longer available

The glass display cases are no longer available

ALL the shelving in the warehouse is to be sold

I will sell most of the shelving at the house, but not all of it